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Cobra Lite

Cobra Lite is a space-trading-flight-sim based on the original game Elite.


The player begins the game docked at a space station orbiting a star. Credits can be earned by selling goods and equipment for a profit, but every station charges a 50 credit exit fee before allowing the player to launch into space.


Ships are steered by mouse, utilizing the conventional controls of roll and pitch. Maximum speed, and shields, can be increased by acquiring the relevant equipment.


Market prices change randomly, within limits, upon hyperspace entry into a new system. The hyperspace drive is composed of Hyper-Core (H-Core) modules that extend the range of the drive, as long as sufficient fuel is available. H-Fuel can be purchased at stations or collected by sun-skimming.


The star map shows a small portion of the galaxy, dubbed the 'Lost Sector' by its inhabitants. This group of over 200 systems contains no planets and was effectively cut off from the rest of the galaxy by Thargoid expansion.


Your ship, the Cobra, is equipped with a four directional laser and contains 30 units of free cargo space. Self defence is a necessary skill for pilots due to the common activity of pirating, despite the presence of Viper police patrols. Known pirates are indicated in red on your radar display. Attacking ships are indicated by four points instead of a short line. Your rank is increased by eliminating offenders.


To dock, simply fly towards the space station, as indicated by the small compass. Hyperspace technology is not entirely predictable and mis-jumps can occur. Every pilot can expect to encounter numerous mis-jumps during his or her career. Keep calm and refuel at the nearest star.


May your laser never cool.

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A compiled version of the game can be downloaded here


A text file containing a complete listing can be downloaded here